Are CHOKER necklaces for you ?

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Let’s talk about it for a minute.  This trend started to appear again in 2016 and we saw it all over the red carpets.  It’s a trend that was hot in 2016 and it certainly looks like it will be big in 2017 too.  Let’s talk a little about where it came from.


During the French Revolution, many women used to wear red ribbons around their necks to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine.  It was specially notorious on widows and family members of the executed.    In the 1800s,  Alexandra of Denmark contributed to this trend due to her insecurities over wearing a neck scar.    After a visit to Bombay, she was inspired by the traditional Indian jewelry and accessories.    Even the native Americans wore a version of a choker to protect their spirits and also as a symbol of power.


Chokers can make any revealing outfit a little less naked in a way, and the best part, it works with almost anything !    It’s very versatile and can also be a statement piece as we’ve seen on the red carpets, anything from a masculine outfit like a tuxedo or a romantic flowy dress, everything can be enhanced with a choker. 


 You can always layer it with a long necklace for a bohemian look or ad some beads or rhinestones to it for a more rocker look.  Even just a regular pair of jeans and a loose white t-shirt looks more trendy by just adding a simple choker to your look.

Any flowy dress would look more edgy by adding the right accessories, try a couple of gold and black bracelets and ad a choker to your look, boom ! instant upgrade.

Chokers come in many forms and materials, that’s what is so fascinating about them.  Satin, velvet,  lace, leather, metals, crystals, wide or thin band and any combination in between.  


Our favorites are always the more classic and single color chokers.  They are just easier to combine with any outfits and the impact is greater.  

The truth is that this trend is only going to get hotter in 2017 and  you should definitely try experimenting with them, there are always new ways to upgrade any outfits and we think that if you give a cute little choker a try, you are going to LOVE IT !

Totally worth it. Trust me  ;-)


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