"Vegan Leather" is seriously trending !

Posted by Adrian L. on

"Vegan leather" is still a big mystery for most people in the fashion industry, it just kinda sounds like a part of the wholefoods market instead of the Fashion industry !

Well, turns out that vegan leather is also know as Faux fur, faux pas, faux leather or pleather.  It is really a great alternative to real leather because it actually looks like the real deal !  Fashion choices are limited in the fashion industry, but there is a big movement happening now, most big fashion houses are looking at their consumers opting for a "cruelty free" products and they are moving towards it too.   

The vegan trend is only getting stronger and stronger by the day, it's just a matter of time before vegan options will be incorporated in most aspects of our lives, may as well start looking at your options now.  You can find a whole section destined for Vegan products in our store, you can find the collection under the catalog menu.  Happy vegan leather hunting !   


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