About us

        I have always had a passion for fashion accessories. When I was a little boy I use to make bracelets out everything, literally !    I remember always tying straps of fabric, lace and pieces of cords around my wrist.    People always asked me why I was doing that, now I know why, because it's my passion.  Not everyone is really willing to let your passions take over your life, well, I did it and I LOVE IT !  

        My mission was to bring the best and fashionable accessories at a much lower price than retail stores.  As I was growing up, my visits to the mall where always painful, always wanting those cool glasses, cool bracelets and chains, but it was all so over priced!    So, I decided to really do something about it.  

        I always had an eye for fashion accessories and as I became more aware of what really goes into making them, I noticed a change.  Now more and more people are opting for cruelty free products.  I did a lot of research on the topic, and I was surprised to find that I also felt more inclined to follow this lifestyle and purchase this type of accessories as well. 

       I started to see more and more "VEGAN FRIENDLY" products being poured in the market, but fashion industry is slowly getting the message.   So, this is my response to that, I want to bring high quality fashionable accessories without the stigma that comes with using animal byproducts.  It's still a very small and limited market, but this is really what makes me happy.  So I invite you to go thru my "ALL VEGAN" section in my catalog and let me know what you think.  I'm sure you will find something that catches your eye and I can guarantee you it's totally cruelty free. Enjoy!


 Adrian L.